Ida Elsje Jewellery

From daring street fashion to dazzling haute couture, Ida Elsje's handcrafted jewellery displays a mastery of craft. She specialises in personalised engagement rings with custom-cut diamonds and other precious or semi-precious stones, but her range extends to elaborate head pieces, bold chandelier and filigree earrings and individually designed necklaces, bracelets, pendants and brooches. While her signature style mixes contemporary with traditional, vintage with modern, Ida is a versatile designer who often works in tandem with other creative minds. Her other jewellery label Situ, a collaboration with architect Gregory Katz and fellow jeweller Philippa Green, encases diamonds in a clear and coloured resin. Conventional metal settings can detract from the gem's brilliance. With Situ's designs, the stone floats in a patented epoxy setting as if magically suspended. Many of South Africa's leading fashion designers turn to Ida for jewellery designs to complement their collections. This year she collaborates with Gavin Rajah for New York Fashion Week in September and Paris Fashion Week in October. Last year, she collaborated with Kluk CGDT for New York Fashion Week and Africa Fashion Week, and with Stiaan Louw for London Fashion Week. She has also worked with David West, Kim Govaars and Maya Prass. Ida Elsje is based at Olive Green Cat in Cape Town (76 Church Street), a shop and design studio she shares with Philippa Green.


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